Text Encryption software
KryptoPad KryptoPad by V.Chernikov
KryptoPad: a simple yet effective notepad with built-in text encryption support
Buy ($14.95) / Download (1007 Kb)
text encryption, text decryption, notepad, secret
TextEgg Simple Encryption Software 1.0.2 TextEgg Simple Encryption Software 1.0.2 by Schimple Software Ltd
Encrypt Selected Text Simply and Securely - Just Like Making It Bold or Italic
Price ($29.95) / Download (4.81 Mb)
simple, encryption, software, encrypt
Flexcrypt -Encrypt made easy Flexcrypt -Encrypt made easy by Nordic Information Security Group AB
Free encryption software. Encrypts Emails, Files, Drives, Text and MSN
Price ($19.00) / Download (16.29 Mb)
Free Encryption software, Email encryption, File encryption, Hard drive encryption
NCodeME 1.0 NCodeME 1.0 by JitBit Software
Very simple free text/email encryption tool
Free / Download (511 Kb)
encryption, text, encoding, cipher
Enkodr 1.01 Enkodr 1.01 by JitBit Software
The world's easiest "on-the-fly" text encryption software.
Price ($24.85) / Download (711 Kb)
text, encryption, encoding, security
LetEncrypt LetEncrypt by InfraDrive
Encrypt your text files with unlimited high levels of encryption algorithms.
Buy ($9.90) / Download (957 Kb)
encrypt, decrypt, let, text
Flexcrypt -Encrypt your data now Flexcrypt -Encrypt your data now by Nordic Information Security Group AB
Encryption of Text, Email, File, MSN, ICQ, for Free. Easy to use. Also Online.
Free / Download (11.6 Mb)
Encryption of Email, Text, File, MSN
Text Encrypter 1.0 Text Encrypter 1.0 by NiteOwl Software
Mac OS X text encyption program.
Price ($15.00) / Download (339 Kb)
Text, Enrypt, Enrypter, Enryption
Xceed Encryption Library 1.1 Xceed Encryption Library 1.1 by Xceed Software Inc.
Easily add strong encryption and decryption to your Windows applications
Buy ($299.95) / Download (32 Mb)
encryption dll, encryption library, encryption ocx, encryption activex
Infinite One-Time Pad Infinite One-Time Pad by Rolando Santiago
Infinite One-Time Pad is the perfect choice for encrypting your communications.
Price ($29.00) / Download (1.99 Mb)
text, messages, e-mail, communications
text encryption
encryption ocx
encryption library
encryption archive
disk encryption
strong encryption
encryption freeware
encryption tool
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