Free Calls software
QQ International 2.0 QQ International 2.0 by Tencent
QQ is the global multilanguage chat with video calling and real-time translation
Free / Download (52.88 Mb)
QQ, QQ International, Video Chat, Free
Brothers Of Heaven 5.9 Brothers Of Heaven 5.9 by Falco Software Company
We always wanted to show people the light.
Free / Download (6.18 Mb)
freeware, free game downloading, freeware games
Doddle WebPhone 1.2 Doddle WebPhone 1.2 by Doddle WebPhone
Doddle is a free online SIP webphone for your webpage
Free / Download (564 Kb)
voip, webphone, telephone, sip
Touch-Commander 1.0 Touch-Commander 1.0 by MobilityFlow
Fingertip control for PDA and smartphones like iPhone or HTC TouchFLO.
Price ($14.95) / Download (629 Kb)
Photocontacts PDA, QuickDialer for PDA, fingertip control for PDA, stylus free control
GNU Gatekeeper 2.2.6 by GNU Gatekeeper Project
A free H.323 gatekeeper to build VoIP networks
Free / Download (1.95 Mb)
h.323, h323, voip, gatekeeper
Webrequest Callback-Button VoIP-Callbutton Webrequest Callback-Button VoIP-Callbutton by SiPHelp
It´s pay free and an innovative idea.VOIP-call-back-button for one´s own websi
Free / Download (582 Kb)
voip, tariff comparison, shop, security
Azada: Ancient Magic 1.0 Azada: Ancient Magic 1.0 by Free Game Demos
Puzzle and Adventure Game
Free / Download (64 Mb)
Download Games, PC Games, Adventure Games, Azada
VZOmobile 1.2.8 VZOmobile 1.2.8 by Visicron Systems, Inc.
The first mobile video chat for Windows Mobile 5,6, 400Mhz or better
Free / Download (1.35 Mb)
mobile, video, chat, call
Oyco VoIP Dialer & Messenger 2.0 Oyco VoIP Dialer & Messenger 2.0 by Oyco Systems Inc.
VoIP dialer - PC or Web based FREE plus interoptible Oyco Messenger included.
Free / Download (6.83 Mb)
Free VoIP, 1 free trial, VoIP dialer, VoIP Telephony
VZOmobile Video Chat 1.3.0 VZOmobile Video Chat 1.3.0 by Visicron Systems, Inc.
The first mobile video chat for Windows Mobile 5,6.x. 400Mhz or better processor
Free / Download (1.67 Mb)
mobile, video, chat, call
free calls
pc to pc calls
trouble calls
cheap calls
block telemarketing calls
unlimited calls worldwide
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