Education software
What is this note 1.0 What is this note 1.0 by What is this note?
What are the correct notes?
Free / Download (0 Kb)
note, notes, music, education
Pagico (Basic) 2.1.0626 Pagico (Basic) 2.1.0626 by Pagico Software
Personal knowledge base software for your data and relationships
Price ($29.95) / Download (12.33 Mb)
pesonal knowledge base, KB, organizer, contact relationship
Complete Beowulf Interactive 1.10 by Pathos Learning
Beowulf taught in its context with questions and scoring
Price ($59.95) / Download (10.99 Mb)
beowulf, language arts, AP, teacher tools
Khi 3 3.2 Khi 3 3.2 by GPMI
A Computer with original functions and educational games
Free / Download (7.63 Mb)
Computer, calculator, scientist, education
BibWorm 2006-08-12 BibWorm 2006-08-12 by SF Development
Stop searching for your notes on that interesting book written by some perso...
Free / Download (4.27 Mb)
bibworm, suites, office, education
Hankering Habitats 1.0.0 Hankering Habitats 1.0.0 by Athena Soft, SA de CV
Game about the habitats that exist on Earth and the organisms that live in them.
Price ($12.00) / Download (9.02 Mb)
Education, Game, Habitat, Biome
CrazyMath 1.2 CrazyMath 1.2 by Oil-Gas-Toolbox software
Advanced calculator. Allows you to enter sequences of expressions.
Free / Download (1.46 Mb)
calculator, expression, plot, algebra
Internote 2.1 Internote 2.1 by SF Development
Internote provides persistent sticky notes for Mozilla's Firefox web br...
Free / Download (2.81 Mb)
internote, todo_lists, os_portable, JavaScript
SoundTrack 2.0.0 SoundTrack 2.0.0 by SoundWorlds Musical Laboratory
SoundTrack is designed for everyone who wants to improve ear for music ability
Price ($3.99) / Download (22.93 Mb)
music, interactivity, education, musical hearing
Academia 3.0 Academia 3.0 by Genesis Software
Academia is an educational program that can be helpful to test-takers.
Price ($16.95) / Download (7.13 Mb)
Education, study aid, learning tool, educational shareware
distance education
music education
education shareware
education thai
science education
education software
adult education
education game of boxman
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