Software by KSDev
VGScene 3.80 VGScene 3.80 by KSDev
A full set of Delphi skin components to help enrich your applications.
Price ($99.00) / Download (23.89 Mb)
delphi skin, wpf, mac, cocoa
ThemeEngine 7.00 ThemeEngine 7.00 by KSDev
The library of components which allows to add themes to application
Price ($99.00) / Download (6.97 Mb)
skins, themes, xp, delphi
SkinEngine 1.11 SkinEngine 1.11 by
Easy to add skinnalbe GUI to your C++, Delphi, VB and .NET application
Price ($99.00) / Download (5.8 Mb)
.net skins, delphi skins, skinengine, skin
FlashEngine 1.04 FlashEngine 1.04 by KSDev
Advanced flash player control for Borland Delphi and C++ Builder
Price ($99.00) / Download (6 Kb)
flash, active, transparent flash, grab flash