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Your Holiday Card 1.0 Your Holiday Card 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Make a snowball, Throw a snowball, Defend!
Free / Download (3.31 Mb)
holiday, card, snowball, mini
Xiang Qi Training 1.0 Xiang Qi Training 1.0 by WinMiniGames
XIan Qi is basically Chinese Chess, but Xiang Qi is a much livelier game than Ch
Free / Download (2.84 Mb)
Xiang Qi Training, arcade, action, mini
The Lord Of The Rings Battle 1.0 The Lord Of The Rings Battle 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Fight your way through,"The Shire, Moria Mines, Fangorn Forest, Minas Morgul, an
Free / Download (3.13 Mb)
The Lord Of The Rings Battle, arcade, action, mini
The Black Knight 1.0 The Black Knight 1.0 by WinMiniGames
The Black Knight is super fun and super hilarious!
Free / Download (3.53 Mb)
The Black Knight, arcade, action, mini
The Adventures of Blob Bob! 1.0 The Adventures of Blob Bob! 1.0 by WinMiniGames
The Adventures of Blob Bob!
Free / Download (4.85 Mb)
The Adventures of Blob Bob, arcade, action, mini
Star Captain 1.0 Star Captain 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Star Captain is definitely a great game to play whenever you can.
Free / Download (3.44 Mb)
Star Captain, arcade, action, mini
Mario Poker 1.0 Mario Poker 1.0 by WinMiniGames
It's a Mario!
Free / Download (7.07 Mb)
Mario Poker, arcade, action, mini
Koala Checkers 1.0 Koala Checkers 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Cutest chess game ever. Just plain simple fun. No need to add anything extra or
Free / Download (2.58 Mb)
Koala Checkers, board, action, mini
Element Saga v5 1.0 Element Saga v5 1.0 by WinMiniGames
The Fifth Chapter of the five chapter Element saga installment so far. There are
Free / Download (6.34 Mb)
Element Saga, v5, action, mini
DragonBall Z pong 1.0 DragonBall Z pong 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Free / Download (2.59 Mb)
DragonBall Z pong, action, mini, game
Colosseum Casino 1.0 Colosseum Casino 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Colosseum Casino blackjack is real relaxing and the setting of a regal Colosseum
Free / Download (2.69 Mb)
Colosseum, Casino, board, mini
Clock Crew 1.0 Clock Crew 1.0 by WinMiniGames
It's clock Crew Fight Club with a very unique graphic theme!
Free / Download (6.16 Mb)
Clock, Crew, arcade, mini
Bullet Time Fighting 1.0 Bullet Time Fighting 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Bullet Time Fighting is a Matrix inspired combat game.
Free / Download (2.91 Mb)
Bullet, Time, Fighting, arcade
Bubble Fun 1.0 Bubble Fun 1.0 by WinMiniGames
So fun and addicting. Very easy and easy to get stuck playing it for hours!
Free / Download (2.67 Mb)
Bubble, Fun, arcade, mini
Bomb Disposal Hippos 1.0 Bomb Disposal Hippos 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Wow! Is this really a combat military version of hungry hippos! Seems so, but Wh
Free / Download (2.66 Mb)
Bomb, Disposal, Hippos, arcade
Bomb Bin Laden 1.0 Bomb Bin Laden 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Interesting little game here. I mean you know. no matter what, with a title like
Free / Download (2.92 Mb)
Bomb, bin laden, arcade, mini
Bob Adventure 1.0 Bob Adventure 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Bobs adventure is that and more. Each level got progressively harder but at the
Free / Download (3.43 Mb)
Bob, Adventure, arcade, mini
Blob Farm 1.0 Blob Farm 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Cute pocket blobs make this hilarious game even better. Tons of major fun as you
Free / Download (2.71 Mb)
Blob, Farm, arcade, mini
Blackjack 1.0 Blackjack 1.0 by WinMiniGames
An absolutely excellent and relaxing game of Blackjack
Free / Download (2.66 Mb)
Blackjack, card, arcade, mini
Barbarian Bob 1.0 Barbarian Bob 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Well, considering the title Barbarian Bob, you would not think a term like extre
Free / Download (4.47 Mb)
barbarian, bob, arcade, mini
Ball Revamped iii Gemini 1.0 Ball Revamped iii Gemini 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Just like its predecessor Ball Revamped III Andromeda looked interesting right f
Free / Download (5.15 Mb)
Ball, Revamped, Gemini, arcade
Ball Revamped iii Andromeda 1.0 Ball Revamped iii Andromeda 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Ball Revamped looks interesting right from the start and gives you the urge to p
Free / Download (5.59 Mb)
Ball, Revamped, Andromeda, arcade
Anti Terrorism Department 1.0 Anti Terrorism Department 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Take Cover!
Free / Download (3.45 Mb)
Anti, Terrorism, Department, arcade
AllOut 1.0 AllOut 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Get all in for ALLOUT!
Free / Download (2.62 Mb)
AllOut, arcade, mini, game
5miles2go 1.0 5miles2go 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Wow! 5 Miles To Go is amazingly simple and lots of fun!
Free / Download (2.71 Mb)
5miles2go, simulation, mini, game
5carddraw 1.0 5carddraw 1.0 by WinMiniGames
A worthwhile and recreational card game. 5 card draw keeps you occupied for a wh
Free / Download (2.56 Mb)
5carddraw, card, poker, mini
3footninja 1.0 3footninja 1.0 by WinMiniGames
3 Foot Ninja may be small but the fun factor is huge!
Free / Download (3.47 Mb)
3footninja, arcade, mini, game
3finder 1.0 3finder 1.0 by WinMiniGames
The 3 finder! It is exactly what the title says!
Free / Download (2.48 Mb)
3finder, puzzle, mini, game
3dWorm 1.0 3dWorm 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Can you say cute?! The Cute little worm grows bigger and bigger as it bites
Free / Download (2.49 Mb)
3d, worm, arcade, mini
3dreversi 1.0 3dreversi 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Yes, I am addicted! This is the classic style Reversi game!
Free / Download (2.77 Mb)
3d, reversi, board, mini
3D Pool 1.0 3D Pool 1.0 by WinMiniGames
A friendly game into 6 ball billiards. And what's better is that it's 3D!
Free / Download (2.65 Mb)
3d, pool
2D KnockOut 1.0 2D KnockOut 1.0 by WinMiniGames
2D Knockout is similar to the old Nintendo game, Mike Tyson's Knockout.
Free / Download (2.87 Mb)
knockout, action
2 Ball Pool 1.0 2 Ball Pool 1.0 by WinMiniGames
Two Ball Pool, is just what it sounds like. A pool game with only two balls.
Free / Download (2.52 Mb)
two, ball, pool