Software by Musicrow
Vinyl Boy VST 1.09 Vinyl Boy VST 1.09 by Musicrow
Vinyl Boy is a VST plugin for scratching audio in real time
Price ($25.00) / Download (1 Kb)
Scratching VST, VST Plugin, Scratch VST, Virtual turntable
Vintage Strings MkII 1.01 Vintage Strings MkII 1.01 by Musicrow
Super realistic string machine VSTi that emulates analog string machines
Price ($39.00) / Download (1 Kb)
String Machine VSTi, Strings VSTi, String Machine VST, Virtual String Machine
PianoBoy- Virtual Piano VSTi 1.01 PianoBoy- Virtual Piano VSTi 1.01 by Musicrow
PianoBoy is a realistic and sonically beautiful virtual acoustic piano
Price ($39.00) / Download (32 Mb)
Piano, VST, Piano VST, Virtual Piano